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At Simple Home Renovation, we have over a decade of experience helping Naperville, IL area homeowners with window and door upgrades.

Schedule your door and window replacement with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your door and window replacement with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your door and window replacement with Simple Home Renovation today.

Window Replacement Services

At the start of the project, we'll want to understand the project goals. Security? Energy Efficiency? Improved appearance or functionality? We can help you select the best windows to meet your goals.

New windows can reduce drafts and improve energy efficiency significantly. There are a number of choices to consider.

  • Window Frame Types:
    • Wooden Replacement Windows: Wood is the traditional choice. They are relatively expensive and require periodic maintenance to ensure long term durability.
    • Clad Wooden Replacement Windows: Clad windows have a wood core, and a vinyl or aluminum outer cladding that provides a durable maintenance free finish. Wood clad windows are also higher on the price scale.
    • Vinyl Replacement Windows: With frames made from PVC, vinyl windows are more affordable and are energy efficient. However they are not as strong as other window types and have a less traditional appearance.
    • Aluminum Replacement Windows: Aluminum frames are long lasting and durable. They are a great choice in modern designs and are essentially maintenance free. They are more expensive to install than vinyl or fiberglass, and can be relatively inefficient.
    • Fiberglass Replacement Windows: A durable choice, energy efficient and largely maintenance free. Sometimes not as distinctive as wood or aluminum products, but still relatively expensive at times.
  • Glass Types:
    • Low E: Low emissivity coatings are designed to control the way the heat energy from sunlight moves around. In the Naperville, IL area a low-e coating is used on the inside of the glazing package allowing a full spectrum of light into the home while trapping the heat energy it produces inside.
    • Double Pane or Triple Pane: Multi-pane windows are made up of multiple sheets of glass sandwiched together with spacers. These layers create air spaces between the layers of glass, which are sealed to prevent energy movement.
    • Window Gas Fills: Argon, krypton, and other gases are inserted between window panes which help insulate your new home windows better and improve energy efficiency.

Window and Door Replacement Examples

Basement renovation project
Home office renovation
Door installation

Exterior Door Replacements

Whether you’re redesigning the entryway to your home or updating the patio, doors are an essential element to the style and personality of your home. Simple Home Renovations door specialists will help you through the process to find the perfect new door system. New doors can also improve the security and efficiency of your home.

We offer a wide range of materials and styles for front doors, patio doors, side doors and more. From traditional wood front doors with beveled glass detail to wide sliding glass doors to take in a spectacular view, we work with high quality manufacturers to bring exceptional products into your home.