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Home Office Remodeling Naperville, IL

While home offices have long been an option, for many Illinois homeowners, a well planned, comfortable, and efficient home office is now a necessity. A new home office can facilitate both your career and your family’s lifestyle.

Having a properly designed designated office in your home will help separate your work from your home life. At Simple Home Renovations, we have decades of experience helping Chicago area homeowners create a home office environment that both supports you as a professional, and helps improve your family's lifestyle.

Schedule your home office or fitness center with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home office or fitness center with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home office or fitness center with Simple Home Renovation today.

For a Great Home Office Design is Key

Whether your home office project calls for a simple update of an existing room, or a complete rehab, you'll have a number or decisions that will need to be made. Consider how you will be using your home office.

Will it be used only by one family member, or more? Will you meet with clients or co-workers periodically? How much surface space do you need for work projects? Where should the computer and peripherals go? What is the size and number of monitors you expect to use? What is the size and type of desk space? Will you need a wall white-board space for planning or project visualization?

  • Choosing the right space is critical. Choose a dedicated location that will help to avoid distractions such as noise or household chores. Sound travels, and we have the experience and technology to mitigate noise intrusion.
  • You need a symbolic or actual barrier that separates work from home. If you have children at home, you can use technology to monitor family activity while maintaining work focus.
  • Consider lighting. How are the windows and natural light? What window treatments are needed to control morning or afternoon glare from the sun.
  • Include natural light and installed lighting so there are no shadows on your primary work surfaces.
  • Video Conferencing. Consider your home office layout and what will be seen through the camera in the background during video conferences. Your workspace should look professional not only to you, but also those you meet with online.
  • Cabinetry is key. Have sufficient cabinetry and shelving for your storage needs to avoid clutter. High quality custom cabinetry is durable, comfortable, and beautiful.
  • Plan for your needs for telephone jacks, outlets, back-up systems, surge suppressors and internet systems.

Home Office & Fitness Center Examples

Home Office and Gym renovation project
Home Office and Gym renovation project
Home Office and Gym renovation project

Home Fitness Centers

The convenience and safety of a home fitness center can help your entire family with their fitness goals. And with the rise of online trainers and classes, it's easier and more affordable than ever to workout at home than ever.

There are a number of things to consider when designing your perfect home fitness solution:

  • Square Footage Needed: Based on the types of equipment and workouts you like, you need to identify a proper space for your home gym. So the first question would be, how big are your gym needs?
  • Location: Basements are a natural area for home gyms. The cement floor is a good base for heavier equipment, and it is isolated acoustically from the rest of the house. Another common workout room location are attics. They often have the height to accommodate hanging or taller equipment.
  • Flooring: The right floor surface is critical for safety, noise, and comfort. Based on your workout plans, durable tile or hardwood, or rubber mat flooring are common choices.
  • Lighting and Mirrors: Often home gym spaces start as darker areas without a lot of natural light. Proper lighting, or perhaps mirrored surfaces can enhance the space and eliminate dark corners and shadows.