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Take Your Basement Back

Simple Home Renovations has provided homeowners with basement remodeling services throughout the Naperville, IL area. Basement renovation involves a number of critical skills and requires the local knowledge needed to provide a long-lasting satisfactory result.

Design, moisture control, and material choices are are critical and we can help you from your initial ideas through to project completion.

Schedule your basement renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your basement renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your basement renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.

Finished Basement Ideas

Our most common basement projects in Naperville, IL and the surrounding area include:

  • Basement Family Rooms: A basement family room will be larger than the one upstairs making it the place the whole family can congregate. A basement family room can become the place where the kids can go to play or a party or a movie night can be hosted.
  • Basement Home Gyms: The basement can be a perfect place to have a stair step machine, a weight bench, and a treadmill and still have room for yoga, Pilates or even martial arts. Other choices like a sauna, or new bath that complements the exercise area can also be considered.
  • Basement Home Offices: Many of our Naperville customers now work from home at least some of the time. Having an isolated area designed as a professional work space can make working from home more productive and efficient, while still being steps away from the needs of your family.
  • Wine Cellars or Bars: A basement is a perfect place to either properly store your prized wine collection, or enjoy gatherings with your friends and family members for an entertaining evening.
  • In-law or Rental Apartment: The basement can be turned into an apartment for a family member or as in income producing rental property. Basements are often comparable in size to one or two bedroom apartments.

Basement Renovation Examples

Basement renovation project
Basement renovation project
Basement renovation project

First You Need a Great Plan

Simple Home Renovations can help you meet the unique challenges of basement remodeling. The first step in finishing your basement is making sure that your basement is dry and will remain dry. Inspecting the foundation and systems for diverting water away from the building is critical.

Even dry basements have higher moisture levels than the rest of your home. It is important to select materials that will perform in these environments. Flooring and insulation choices in a basement requires knowledge of which products are best suited for this application.

Basements often house the mechanical systems for a building, and designing a space which maintains access to those systems while minimizing noise is important. Ceilings designed to insulate from noise from above and allow access to plumbing and heating systems are also critical.

Basement Remodeling Construction

Our experienced construction team provides professional service on every job. Not only do we offer our superior local construction knowledge, but we also pay attention to the details. We ensure a clean and safe jobsite.

Our work crews are professional, friendly, and supremely attentive to our customers needs. It’s this combination of equipment and craftsmanship that has allowed us to succeed and deliver our clients with services they can count on.