Storm, Fire and Water Damage
Hinsdale, IL

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Do You Need Build Back Services?

Simple Home Renovations are emergency damage mitigation, restoration and build back specialists. From our home in Naperville, IL we have or 20 years of experience providing build back services to Hinsdale, IL home and business owners.

Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.

Start to Finish Damage Mitigation and Restoration

Here in DuPage and Cool County, IL the risk of fire, flood, or storm damage is ever-present. We offer emergency services, damage mitigation, and complete build back for events including:

  • Flooding: From a broken or frozen pipe, washing machine hose, leaking water heater, or an intense storm, water damage can occur at any time. Slow leaks can cause dangerous mold and structural damage. Catastrophic leaks can involve thousands of gallons of water and very serious damage to contents, interior finishes, flooring and mechanicals.
  • Fire: With even a modest fire, smoke and soot can completely permeate a building and its contents. More sever fires can cause structural damage or total destruction of a room or rooms.
  • Storm Damage: Wind, ice and hail can present serious damage risk in our area. Blown down trees can damage roofs, walls, and structure. Wind can damage or remove roofing, siding, windows and doors.

Emergency Damage Response

The first step after any disaster is to secure the home or business to prevent further damage. This includes temporarily covering damaged roofs, boarding up broken door or windows, and eliminating and causes of ongoing damage.

Then the site needs to be inspected to ensure safe access by contractors and authorized personnel. This includes removal of downed trees, ensuring that the utilities like gas or electrical are safe, and inspection and stabilization of any structural damage.

Then the site needs to be completely assessed and readied for renovation. This includes inventorying and assessing contents, removing water damaged materials like insulation drywall, and flooring, and completely drying any areas affected by water damage. Thorough cleaning of all surfaces is also necessary in the case of fire or mold damage.

Hinsdale, IL Build Back Services

After the site is stabilized and cleaned, the reconstruction process is next. We can collaborate with insurance adjusters to create a renovation plan and budget. We will also help the owner work with the Hinsdale Planning Department to secure and permits and schedule appropriate inspections.

Then our team of fully licensed and insured trade professionals can go to work. We will coordinate the work of carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, floors specialists, painters and finishers to rebuild and restore your property on time and on budget.

About Home Renovation Specialists

We are locally owned by Naperville, IL native Mitchell Izenstark.

Our work crews are professional, friendly, and and supremely attentive to our customers needs.

We are fully licensed and insured for all types of construction work in Naperville and the surrounding area.