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Your Local Elmhurst, IL Home Build-Back Specialists

Simple Home Renovations offer complete storm, flood, or fire mitigation and build back services. We offer a complete solution from immediately after the damage to complete restoration of your property.

Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.

Challenges Include

While Elmhurst is a great place, the demands of our climate, and the intensity of our winters can sometime cause the potential for catastrophic loss for property owners.

  • Weather Related Damage:
    • Flooding caused by storms or rapid snow melt
    • Wind and rain damage: tree blow-downs with resultant structure damage and shingle loss
    • Ice and freeze damage: frozen pipes with subsequent water damage, roof ice damming, fires resulting from heating systems failures or mis-use
    • Lightning strikes causing electrical damage, structural damage and fire
  • Mechanical Damage and Human Error:
    • Clogged toilets and drains, sewer back-ups
    • Leaky water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machine hoses
    • Condensation leaks
    • Rapid or hidden water leaks
    • Cooking or structure fires and smoke damage

Mitigation Services

To deal with structure and content damage, we offer a broad range of mitigation and restoration services for both homeowners and businesses:

Water Damage

  • Caused by storms, roof damage, water leaks, sewer problems, and appliance failures
  • Emergency response and fast mitigation services
  • Pack-out, professional drying, clean-up, and restoration of structure and contents

Fire and Smoke

  • From limited smoke damage, to full structure fires resulting in water damage, heat, and smoke damage
  • Evaluation services, safety inspections, tarping and board-up, service, pack-out and storage
  • Structural repairs
  • Building restoration and re-finishing
  • Smoke clean-up
  • Deordorization
  • Re-painting and restoration of effected contents


Mold is a serious contaminant that can grow anywhere that moisture is present on porous surfaces like drywall, wood, and insulation material. Mold is unattractive, but is also a serious threat to your families health and the value of your home. It is commonly associated with slow and unattended water leaks and can thrive undetected for months.

Any mold or fungus issue must be addressed by a professional team. At Simple Home Renovations we have the training, testing, capabilities, and mitigation techniques to eliminate both the moisture source, any the threat caused by existing mold.


Odors are a product of other types of damage including water damage, sewer back-ups, and fire. We offer the professional techniques and products necessary to remove a wide range of odors to you can enjoy you home or business again.

About Home Renovation Specialists

We are locally owned by Naperville, IL native Mitchell Izenstark.

Our work crews are professional, friendly, and and supremely attentive to our customers needs.

We are fully licensed and insured for all types of construction work in Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding area.