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Emergency & Scheduled Build Back Services

Dealing with the unexpected is our specialty. If you are faced with the unforeseen challenge of emergency home or business repair, Simple Home Renovations is here to help. From our home in Naperville, IL, we have provided emergency mitigation and repairs for Burr Ridge, IL residents for over 20 years.

Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.
Schedule your home renovation project with Simple Home Renovation today.

Water Damage

From flooding to frozen water lines or failed water heaters, water damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive challenges you can face.

And if not addressed quickly and properly, it can promote electrical hazards, damage your home’s structure and furnishings, and lead to the growth of hazardous mold.

Whatever the cause, rapid water mitigation is the key to preventing secondary and often more serious damage. We offer emergency response to Burr Ridge, IL home and business owners.

Do's and Don't of Water Damage

  • If you discover water damage, there are things you can do immediately on your own that may make a major difference in limited the damage:
    • If you have a water leak, locate and turn "OFF" the water supply.
    • Immediately call for professional help
    • Remove as much water as possible by mopping
    • Remove area rugs that are not attached
    • Lift draperies from the floor
    • Wipe furniture, remove cushions to dry, and place aluminum foil in furniture legs
    • Remove photos, paintings etc that have not been directly effected from the space
  • There are things you definitely should not do:
    • Enter a room with standing water before the electricity is turned off
    • Remove installed wall to wall carpeting
    • Used electrical appliance on a wet floor
    • Touch or attempt to clean visible mold or mildew

Professional Water Damage Mitigation

Our technicians have decades of experience and proven water remediation techniques. We have the specialized equipment and testing systems necessary to provide complete drying and restoration of your flooded area.

Fire and Smoke Damage

After a fire we can provide the systems and support tp salvaging as much as possible from fire and smoke damage, and provide complete build back services to restore your home or business.

Each structure fire is unique. Having the experience needed to understand your fire and its impact on your home is the key to limiting damage and efficiently salvaging and restoring your property and belongings.

Typical step we take following a fire include:

  • Identifying the type of fire, and all of the areas where direct fire and smoke damge have occurred
  • Often water damage results from fire fighting. Identify water damaged areas and initiate immediate mitigation.
  • Removing contents from all effected areas for restoration or disposal. Carefully documenting the disposition of all contents.
  • Work with insurance estimators, and Burr Ridge, IL building planners to create a restoration budget and plan.
  • Structural renovation: Evaluate the framing and flooring of the house. Remove fire damaged structure and building elements and replace as needed.
  • Treat affected surfaces for smoke odors. Clean and deodorize all surfaces
  • Re-paint and refinish affected surfaces as needed.
  • Return items to the original structure and ready the property for re-occupancy.

No matter the emergency, we can help Burr Ridge, IL homeowners or businesses recover from disaster. With our emergency response team and our professional build back experts we can restore your property and provide comfort to your family.

About Home Renovation Specialists

We are locally owned by Naperville, IL native Mitchell Izenstark.

Our work crews are professional, friendly, and are supremely attentive to our customers needs.

We are fully licensed and insured for all types of construction work in Burr Ridge, IL and the surrounding area.